Utho Meri Duniya….and standing all the night until the dawn (LAAL)

When you are in Delhi and something is happening in JNU, the chances are you got to go there. It so happens more when something of exotic flavor comes in like international food festival and so. We went there to listen LAAL last year and had an awesome as well as awful night. This year Taimur Rahman of LAAL came to our University itself and had his performances just down a few floors from my hostel room at Akbar Bhawan.

When some programs of this sort happens in a residential university, the outsiders often become the most vulnerable and  marginalized minority whose concerns are nobody’s business. Why am I saying this? Read more to find it. Somebody informed us that the JNU program would start around 9 pm or so and most possibly be over before midnight.

In fact, when a bunch of us (students at SAU) went to JNU for the program, the JNU program has not yet started. After some time of wait, it started but for us it was already getting late to back Akbar Bhawan. I could not resist myself not listening the band at the open theatre of Partha Sarathi Rocks (PSR) area. The crowd was another reason. When the program was over around 1 am (the other morning), it was to late to find an auto. Thus how we did until the next dawn was basically “utho meri duniya”.

[Courtesy: Ganpat Teli]