In love of my son

IMG_20160415_183339_1460820419530I cried. Yes, I cried alone. No one was there to see my tears. Oh No, that scientific invention to capture even the private most moment of an individual was there to record my state. The CCTV. Some ‘Big Brother/Boss’ at the hospital designated to oversee the security services had perhaps seen my sufferings.

Blood sample has been taken for Culture. It requires 72 hours to come the report, they say. OMG, medicines or cocktales, I cannot say. IV, oral, nasal, and even rectal … what not. All to reduce fever and control the infection. More of tragedy is while drawing blood. It was on three days back for CBC (comprehensive blood count) and CRP (c reactive protein). And now for Culture, twice pricked and again to vein open.

How much of pain a kid has to suffer. Some months back, perhaps he was still a newborn, there was a physiological jaundice, a normal condition which gets subsides with early morning sun bath. But when he was taken to a Pediatrician, he told a rare chance causing such symptoms because of abnormal thyroid function. And again, a tiny body has to face a sharp needle to give blood for the medications.

Finally, on the 6th day of admission at hospital, he was discharged and taken to home. It was much of relief.


Utho Meri Duniya….and standing all the night until the dawn (LAAL)

When you are in Delhi and something is happening in JNU, the chances are you got to go there. It so happens more when something of exotic flavor comes in like international food festival and so. We went there to listen LAAL last year and had an awesome as well as awful night. This year Taimur Rahman of LAAL came to our University itself and had his performances just down a few floors from my hostel room at Akbar Bhawan.

When some programs of this sort happens in a residential university, the outsiders often become the most vulnerable and  marginalized minority whose concerns are nobody’s business. Why am I saying this? Read more to find it. Somebody informed us that the JNU program would start around 9 pm or so and most possibly be over before midnight.

In fact, when a bunch of us (students at SAU) went to JNU for the program, the JNU program has not yet started. After some time of wait, it started but for us it was already getting late to back Akbar Bhawan. I could not resist myself not listening the band at the open theatre of Partha Sarathi Rocks (PSR) area. The crowd was another reason. When the program was over around 1 am (the other morning), it was to late to find an auto. Thus how we did until the next dawn was basically “utho meri duniya”.

[Courtesy: Ganpat Teli]

The types of movies that I enjoy

I believe that more than depicting society movie can guide the society to a larger extent and it has to be. Behaviour Change Communication can be achieved through TV as people can learn by copying people doing something. When I say this I mean that it is always better to show people actually practicing the expected behaviors rather than just teaching them to do so. For instance, the possibility of adopting healthy behavior after watching it in TV by someone role model is always higher than by listening this by someone.

The movies that I enjoy are mostly dominated by Hindi movies including Tamils. Politicial thriller – Raajneeti, colonial stories – Lagaan, Krishna, MadrasPattiNam, Andha Kanoon (My father talks much about this which he watched during his days in Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana and the song Rote Rote Hasna Sikho Haste Haste Rona Jitne Chavi Bhari Ram ne Utni Chale Khilona) The song helps to console in agony and the song from Lagaan, Chale Chalo, empowers me (probably u too) on achieving expected aims and taking action towards it.

But many of the love songs are non sense if we forget the music onto it. It’s just through music that makes us to remember the words but the words alone are meaningless for me in many times like Jab Aachal Raat Ka Laharaye…., Apne Pyar Ke Sapne Such Huye, Hum Bane Tum Bane Ek Duje Ke Liye, Tum Ho Buddhu Man Lo Tum Ho Handsome Jan Lo….more HYPE than reality but still good like Ye Mere Watan Ke Logon Jara Ankho Me Bharlo Pani. I particularly like the song like Suno ji Eh Calcutta Hai because it’s not only song but also a melodious travel guide.
Nepali – I probably began with this category or was it through Hindi, I doubt. Yet, it could have been English, I do not remember. However, initially I have seen most of Nepali movies made in the nineties. Upto this time, Nepali was able to stand with Hindi movies but it could not run with technology rather than just crawled for the next decades that followed. Nepali society was also going through tough time during this phase. Nowadays, there have been a ray of hope but before it get lighted there is unhealthy competition to make it much vulgar than ever before. I wonder, where is the Nepali movie is heading?

English – I am very new to this category. I can’t spent time to find if it is really a good one and I can’t rely on reviewer because they have a different frame of mind. However, my preference is on non fight historical movie which can tell something that stimulate me to study on the issue further when I get free time and get a fair understanding until I could not time to either visit the place or read the authentic texts. If you have your personal favourites, please tell me because I trust more than commercial reviewer.

Korean – I am not a Korean type. The one that I saw of which I do not know the name but I am aware that people in Nepal says a Nepali movie with new actors was just a copy of it with shooting set and language in Nepal and Nepali. Before publishing this I told to a friend of mine and he informed that it was Millionaires First Love (Korean) and Mero Euta Sathi Chha (Nepali).

My current interest is mainstream movies made in Afghanistan and Bhutan for my own reasons not the Bollywood movies depicting Afghani and Bhutani society. But I can watch the movies about this society made in India as well to have views from both sides. I am also interested to watch Maldivian feature film of all genres. These are the countries which I wish to be able to visit probably after I see some of the recent portrayal of these societies by themselves through media.

This writing requires constant revision and reflects my state of mind while typing, therefore, subject to change, but not so much, I guess.