A Brief Profile

Manoj Dhakal holds Masters in Sociology from South Asian University, New Delhi where he was contributing as an editorial member for his departmental blog.

His immediate past assignment at Interdisciplinary Analysts (IDA) was evaluating the Nepal Transition To Peace (NTTP) project which is an informal forum to negotiate on the contentious issues of Nepal’s peace process and constitution making among different political actors after Constituent Assembly election implemented by The Asia Foundation. It involved interviewing civil society facilitators, highly regarded journalists, editors, political analysts, and politicians who were in and not in the forum.

Before this, at the same outfit, he contributed  in Beneficiary Impact Assessment of Rural Village Water Resource Management Project (RVWRMP) and Education for Income Generation (EIG) program for Small Arms Survey, Geneva with an objective whether developmental efforts will reduce armed violence though unintended or not. Likewise, he facilitated Armed Violence Reduction (AVR) study in coordination with Safer World both involving multipronged participatory research methodologies.

In the past, he worked for private schools as a Teacher, the government health care system as a Paramedic, technical education and vocational training schools as a Lecturer of community health and Program Coordinator, bilateral organization working in health initially as a Monitoring Information System (MIS) Consultant and then as an Assistant Data Manager for a community based newborn trial done in Morang district of Nepal. His primary role there was to verify large number of data coming from the field and to manage project MIS applying database application in addition to periodic field visits and generating monthly data summary. Besides his regular jobs, he has contributed to various organizations and programs through short assignments on data management, training, and consultancies.

Manoj did Bachelor of Public Health in 2005 and one-year long  intensive Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences in 2011 both in Nepal. He is interested in social research, development practice, and academia.


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