In love of my son

IMG_20160415_183339_1460820419530I cried. Yes, I cried alone. No one was there to see my tears. Oh No, that scientific invention to capture even the private most moment of an individual was there to record my state. The CCTV. Some ‘Big Brother/Boss’ at the hospital designated to oversee the security services had perhaps seen my sufferings.

Blood sample has been taken for Culture. It requires 72 hours to come the report, they say. OMG, medicines or cocktales, I cannot say. IV, oral, nasal, and even rectal … what not. All to reduce fever and control the infection. More of tragedy is while drawing blood. It was on three days back for CBC (comprehensive blood count) and CRP (c reactive protein). And now for Culture, twice pricked and again to vein open.

How much of pain a kid has to suffer. Some months back, perhaps he was still a newborn, there was a physiological jaundice, a normal condition which gets subsides with early morning sun bath. But when he was taken to a Pediatrician, he told a rare chance causing such symptoms because of abnormal thyroid function. And again, a tiny body has to face a sharp needle to give blood for the medications.

Finally, on the 6th day of admission at hospital, he was discharged and taken to home. It was much of relief.


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